Hi, my name is Eike Busse and I’m a content creator based in Berlin with 9+ years of experience.

I’ve lead many different projects in the past years ranging from image, product and event over to training / educational content. Within these projects I was responsible for idea, concept development, story boarding, designing to production, finishing and delivery to various channels (e. g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Something will never change: The feeling and the goosebumps when everything falls into place and becomes a happening.


Adobe Photoshop (Advanced) 75%
Adobe After Effects (Expert) 100%
Adobe Premiere Pro (Advanced) 75%
Adobe Audition (Intermediate) 50%
Adobe Illustrator (Advanced) 75%
Adobe InDesign (Advanced) 75%
Adobe Lightroom (Expert) 100%
DaVinci Resolve (Expert) 100%
Blackmagic Design Fusion (Advanced) 75%
Cinema 4D (Advanced) 75%
Blender (Advanced) 75%
Camera Work (Expert) 100%
Lighting (Expert) 100%
Audio (Expert) 100%
Livestreaming (Advanced) 75%
Photography (Advanced) 75%
JIRA (Expert) 100%
Microsoft Office (Expert) 100%
Wordpress (Advanced) 75%
Build & lead video unit (Expert) 100%
Creative Concepts (Expert) 100%
Motion Design (Advanced) 75%
Marketing (Advanced) 75%
Social Media Management (Expert) 100%
Content Management (Expert) 100%
Project Management (Expert) 100%


content creator eike busse

As a highly empathetic individual and technically skilled content creator in Berlin, I bring a unique blend of compassion and proficiency to every project I undertake. My approach is rooted in teamwork, where my can-do attitude shines through, motivating others and fostering collaboration. Loyalty is ingrained in my soul; I’m the person you can rely on when challenges arise, steadfast in pulling through even when circumstances seem insurmountable. I take pride in my ability to “die Kuh vom Eis ziehen,” metaphorically speaking, by resolving difficult situations without faltering or fading away. My commitment to excellence drives me to persist and excel, ensuring that I not only meet but exceed expectations. In every endeavor, I strive to be the dependable force that propels projects forward and achieves success, no matter the obstacles encountered along the way.